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Oregon License Lookup

Oregon is full of career opportunities, but you can’t just apply and start working. Many of the top professions require licenses. Once you meet the requirements, you can obtain your license and start your new career. This Oregon license lookup lists the top professions in the state, along with the licensing requirements. Browse the Oregon license lookup, choose a career path, and then complete the steps necessary. Then, you can start your new job in your field of choice.

Oregon Accountant License

Once you obtain your CPA license, you can become a certified public accountant in Oregon. You first must earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Your coursework must include at least 24 semester hours in core accounting classes and 24 semester hours in accounting subjects. You can also meet this requirement by taking accounting-related subjects, including finance, economics, business, and data analytics. It’s wise to speak to your advisor when choosing your coursework to ensure you meet the education requirement.

After you complete your education, you need to complete at least one year of work experience. Then, take the Uniform CPA Examination, followed by the Ethics Examination. Then, you can apply for licensure through the state’s Board of Accountancy. Once you receive your license, you can work as a CPA in Oregon.

Oregon Architect License

If you want to become an architect, start by earning a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctor of Architecture degree from a NAAB-accredited institution. Then, you’ll need to complete the Intern Development Program. Upon completion, you can take the Architect Registration Exam and the Jurisprudence Exam. Once you meet all the requirements, submit your application to the Oregon State Board of Architect Examiners, so you can get your architect license.

Oregon Broker License or Oregon Real Estate License

You can jump into the world of real estate by obtaining a broker license. You must be 18 years old and have a GED or high school diploma. Then, register on the Oregon Real Estate Agency eLicense website and apply for the license. You will receive an Applicant ID number when you register. You will need to provide that number to an Agency-approved real estate school, where you will complete 150 hours of pre-license education. Next, take the broker license exam and submit your fingerprints. Then, you will receive your license, so you can work as a broker in Oregon.

Oregon Business License

You need to choose a business name and structure and register your business before obtaining a license. Then, you will need to apply for a license or permit, if necessary. The state does not have a general business license. Instead, different boards and agencies regulate businesses. Each board and agency outlines the requirements necessary to get a license.

Oregon Contractor License or Oregon Construction License

You can obtain a residential or commercial construction license in Oregon. You also have the option of applying for a dual license. Start by deciding which type of license you need. You must then take 16 hours of pre-licensing training on law and business practices before taking the licensing exam. Once you take the exam, file the paperwork to set up your business with the Oregon Secretary of State. Then, submit a CB surety bond and get general liability insurance. You also need workers’ compensation coverage if you’re going to have employees. After you get all of the information, you can complete the application. Submit your application and the necessary paperwork to the Construction Contractors Board.

Oregon Dealer License

You need to get a license before becoming a vehicle dealer in Oregon. First, complete eight hours of pre-licensing education from one of the state’s approved providers. You also need a surety bond and a liability insurance certificate. Then, fill out your application and send it to the state’s DMV Business Licensing Unit.

Oregon Insurance Agent License

Before you can become an insurance agent, you must complete 20 hours of pre-licensing education for each line of authority you want to carry. You also have to pass an exam administered by PSI. The exams you take depend on the lines of authority you wish to carry. Next, submit your fingerprints and pass the criminal background check. You can then apply for a license online via the National Insurance Producer Registry website.

Oregon Medical License

If you want to become a physician in Oregon, begin by graduating from a board-approved medical school. You must complete at least one year of post-graduate training and pass the necessary exams. Start with the NBME Parts I, II, and III. Then, take FLEX Days I, II, and III or FLEX Components 1 and 2. Finish with USMLE Steps 1, 2, and 3.  You can then apply online via the Oregon Medical Board Applicant/Licensee Services website.

Oregon Nursing License

If you want to start your nursing career quickly, consider getting an LPN license. You must attend a board-approved LPN program and receive a certificate or degree. Then, have the program director sign the examination picture identificatory form. Take and pass the NCLEX-PN exam and submit your fingerprints. You can then apply to the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

If you wish to become an RN, begin by graduating from an associate or baccalaureate level nursing program. Then, the program director or dean of the school must sign a form to verify your identity. After that, you can take the NCLEX-RN exam and submit your fingerprints. Then, you can apply for your license via the board of nursing.

Oregon Pharmacy License

If you want to become a pharmacist in Oregon, begin by earning a degree from a college of pharmacy. You then need 1,440 internship hours. Next, pass the NAPLEX and the MPJE. Then you can then apply for your license through the Oregon Board of Pharmacy.

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